Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

Amsterdam. After the hustle and bustle of Paris, it was only right that I go to somewhere that was a bit more…quiet. Amsterdam was a definite shift from the City of Lights, but a welcome shift. From the moment I stepped out of the train station, I felt more at ease than before. I love doing posts like this, where I can provide insight on what to do, where to stay, how to travel, etc, because they really do let you into my life and how I travel outside of the vlogs that I post! You’d think that creating an Amsterdam travel guide would be hard, but it came quite naturally! There is a vlog from my time in Amsterdam and honestly, this 72-hour extravaganza wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing people at iAmsterdam. Between providing me with massive lists of hotels and activities to check out and hooking me up with an amazing iAmsterdam City Card for the duration of my stay, they were a dream to work with! Looking through all of my photos, I realized how much I did in 72 hours, but it makes for a great Amsterdam travel guide for you all to read!

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

Where to Stay: The Jaz Amsterdam Hotel

I can’t recommend this hotel enough! This was the first place I went to when I got to Amsterdam and it was amazing. The welcoming staff got me checked in immediately to a fantastic room with a great view overlooking the city. It is a bit far from the city, about 10-15 by train or a 15-minute drive, but it is well worth it. Beds in Europe are notoriously small, but in the Jaz, it is the exact opposite. I’m surprised that I actually left the room because it was so comfortable, but also I’m surprised I wasn’t swallowed in the bed. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else in an Amsterdam travel guide, so I definitely say check it out! If you were following me on snap, you would’ve seen how big it was, and I don’t think these photos can do it justice!! There’ll be a post later on this week about this hotel because, yes, it was that freaking amazing.

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

What to Do:


As an art/art history buff, this museum was right up my alley. Everything was organized by time period and although it was one of those museums that I know I could get lost in (and did…) it was well worth It because I got to see some beautiful pieces. There’s a Rembrandt exhibition going on right now and some of the best works from around the world are housed in the Rijksmuseum and I have so many great pictures of the pieces housed in the museum! This may seem like an art in Amsterdam travel guide, but the Rijksmuseum is a must-visit! Plus, under 19s get in free (only 18 and under btw, not 19). As an added bonus, this museum was the first time my snaps were chosen for a snap story. It’s a little one sided, but it was really cool to see the number of people who saw my snap over the 24-hour period that it was live!

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

Canal Tour

Okay so people know me or have heard me talk about how I like to travel all know that I hate the typical touristy things. Like bus tours of cities or hop on-hop off tours, but that being said, I do think that the canal tours are worth it in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city that runs around the canals and being able to use the canals to see the city is an amazing tool. I saw parts of the city that I wouldn’t have stumbled on myself from sitting on the boats and not to mention, I got to people watch and see what the people of Amsterdam like to do on a sunny day!

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

Where to Eat:

The Hoxton Amsterdam – Lotti’s Diner

I was not short of food options in Amsterdam, so I’ve got some bits you can’t mix. The Hoxton in Amsterdam, like the ones in London, is not just a hotel, but it also has the restaurant inside. The one in Amsterdam is called Lotti’s and they have the best mac & cheese that I have ever in my life had, and I live in Atlanta. There was a HUGE layer of parmesan on top that took me forever to dig through, but when I did. It was well worth it.

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

The Rijksmuseum Café

Not only was the museum amazing on its own, but it also has an amazing café that I say visit before or after for brunch or a small lunch. I had the coffee and a salad, but trust me, it was a good, freaking salad. The entire place was a draw because of the aesthetic, but it was great for me to just sit and relax in the middle of this insane museum. Oh, did I mention that when you order whipped cream for a coffee or hot chocolate, that it comes separately? Well it does, and it’s the biggest mound of whipped cream that you’ll ever see.

Yep, I could totally spend all day in this museum 😍

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Pancakes Amsterdam

I spotted Pancakes from the boat tour and the morning that I left Amsterdam, I made it my mission to go in and get a Dutch pancake. I regret nothing, despite almost missing my flight. I had the classic apple Dutch pancake and although it reminded me of a crepe, it was delicious! Dutch pancakes are a must have in an Amsterdam travel guide, but Pancakes should be your go-to! They’ve got such a wide variety of pancakes from around the world at Pancakes, plus as an added bonus, you get a free little keychain when you leave as a memento!

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

Where to Shop:

The Jordaan District

I didn’t do much shopping while I was in Amsterdam, I know shocker. But I did have some time to walk through the Jordaan district and when I did, I found some amazing little shops that we don’t have at home!! You’ll have loads to choose from clothing wise, but also you’ll be able to have your pick of the normal stores, but also stores that you’ll probably never see one you leave. I talked to many locals who suggested visiting even if not to shop, so I’m putting it in my Amsterdam travel guide, so it makes it clear that you should come! The Jordaan District is one of the central districts in Amsterdam, so you’ll find a little of everything there.

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide

Ah I love a good market! This was a recommendation for me to visit and I’m glad I did! It’s one of the biggest in the city and I got to see and taste all of the highlights of Amsterdam in one place. There’s a flower market, plenty of textiles, and food galore at the market, so it is definitely one of the places that you have to check out! You can see the market from the canals, but going in is a completely different story, even if you aren’t in the mood to buy anything.

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide Albert Cuyp Market
Photo from Hip Tipper

How to Travel: The Metro (tram/train)

The list of cities where I am more likely to get hit by something other than a car is short. Very short. Amsterdam is one of those places because every second I was there, I felt like someone was going to mow me over with a bike. It was insane and though some may say “USE BIKES, ITS GREAT!”, unless you know the roads, you’re screwed trying to ride a bike, just saying. The transit system in Amsterdam is incredibly simple and you don’t need a map to get through it like you may in London or Paris. It’s 4 lines for the train and while the tram has many lines, they’re pretty simple to navigate! If you are only in Amsterdam for a short time like I was, I highly recommend the IAmsterdam City Card. The Amsterdam transit system is a must have for any Amsterdam travel guide, which is why I’m putting it in mine! For the flat price that you pay depending on how long you’ll be in town, you can save yourself a lot of money. You get free entrance and discounts into many museums, exhibitions, and activities, unlimited use of the train and tram to get where you need to go, plus a free boat tour with your card! This card really helped me get around the city during my time, and they had some pretty great suggestions on the map that I wouldn’t have found on my own!

The Hat Logic - Amsterdam Travel Guide: Accommodation, Activities, & More!

I only had 72 hours in Amsterdam but I made the most of that little time I had in the city! I did some amazing things, found some great spots, took great photos, and now I get to share it with you all! If you’re in Amsterdam or have been and have some additions, leave them below in the comments!! I’d love to get some suggestions for when I got back, maybe go do some fun shopping or go see the windmills!! Plus, you can check out the vlog from my trip below!

*While this post was not sponsored, I did receive the travel pass from iAmsterdam and a complimentary stay at the Hotel Jaz during my stay in Amsterdam! *

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