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Created in September of 2013, Jordan created this blog as a single place to share her inspiration, dreams, and findings with the world. An avid traveler and lover of fashion, it only seemed right that she create a blog to share all of this with the world.
Jordan Taylor C is the newest version of this blog, formerly known as The Style Selections & The Hat Logic. Jordan created this as an outlet during a time in life when an outlet was needed, but the blog has grown with Jordan as she matured into an adult who loves fashion and travel. As her style and life became more tailored, the content of the blog has shifted as well, taking a fashion and lifestyle focus instead of a spur of the moment, random focus.
In February of 2018, the blog was renamed to Jordan’s name, Jordan Taylor C, in order to create the most authentic content and expand Jordan’s ability to be herself on this website. This rebranding marked the beginning of a new era for her blog and now, this blog has become more and more true to her personality and style, rather than an overall extension of style. Jordan also expanded the blog to Youtube in 2015 when she rebranded to The Hat Logic, where she now posts videos twice a week that range from travel vlogs, fashion lookbooks, and beauty tutorials.
Jordan works as a freelance photographer as well as being a full-time student while she blogs, and her love for photography, travel, and fashion is a major part of what you see all over Jordan Taylor C today. With this blog, Jordan hopes to inspire a host of fashion-minded people as well as entertain them with the details and ongoings of her life. In an ever-changing industry, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself, so her mindset is to stay true to herself and her style. Everything else will fall into place.
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