Exploring Shoreditch with The Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch

Ah The Hoxton Hotel. One of the new hotels with a great reputation for being a hotel for the new “hipster” generation. I had never stayed in The Hoxton on any of my stays before in London, but I got to visit this amazing hotel on this go around and it was well worth the wait to see what all of the buzz was about. Everything about the hotel from the second I stepped inside was great, and honestly, I don’t know what took me so long to figure out why I have never been in the hotel before! There are multiple Hoxton hotels in London, but I stayed in the one on Shoreditch. I quickly visited Shoreditch on my last visit to London and I got to stay there for one night, one great night.


IMG_7520IMG_7817The atmosphere of The Hoxton was amazing from the moment I stepped in. While my interior design style tends to go towards the white based sense of interior décor, I was really impressed with the style of The Hoxton. Everything seemed very nostalgic and almost in a throwback style. They had a great style for the entire room that went with the vibe of the hotel. It almost felt like I was back at university in my dorm building, where the lower floors were more of a community vibe, but I could run away to my own private getaway after a few floors on an elevator or upstairs. Whether it was the friendly and welcoming staff who checked me into the hotel or even just the simplicity of the mini breakfast that was waiting for me on my door when I woke up on the day I checked out, The Hoxton in Shoreditch was a great place to rest up in the middle of London.


The vibe of Shoreditch is very eclectic but very young and vibrant. I don’t live in London, but I haven’t found a place like Shoreditch anywhere in the city. It’s a great place to be, even for short periods of time because you see so many fun things. You get out of the typical London that you see on magazine covers and you see the parts of the city that have grown to embrace the artistry of the city that people don’t often talk about when they speak of London. It’s kind of crazy that so many people know of this part of the city, but never visit when they come for short stays. The Hoxton has taken that vibe that one may find in Shoreditch and makes the essence of their hotel. They have grown with the neighbourhood and created a great hotel that has embraced Shoreditch in full, rather than just putting up a structure that doesn’t fit in with the environment.

IMG_7813The Hat Logic - My London Travel Guide: Food, The Tube, & More*Although The Hoxton provided me with a complimentary stay, the opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. *


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