Gettin Jazzy at the Jaz in the City Hotel

So in my travel guide to Amsterdam, I mentioned the Jaz in the City Hotel, but now, I’m just going to tell you about the hotel in itself. Before I tell you about the hotel, I’m going to give you a little story at first. I started my trip to Amsterdam in the morning in Paris, but a calm Paris morning, turned into a hectic afternoon. I was running from the Metro to my train because I got lost in the Paris Nord station, so super stressed. Then I got to my train and all was well. I’m in the comfortable seat and for the next three hours, it is just me and the train. When I get to Amsterdam, I get off the train and walk to the Metro, take a quick 10-15 minute train ride to the station nearest my hotel, hop off, short walk, check in, and BAM. I walk into paradise.

The Hat Logic - Gettin Jazzy at the Jaz in the City Hotel

The Hat Logic - Gettin Jazzy at the Jaz in the City Hotel

The Jaz Amsterdam is not your average European hotel and I have stayed in a lot, but this one defied all of my expectations. The hotel isn’t just amazing for the spectacularly soft and other-worldly big beds, which were great to sleep in, but for many other reasons as well. Even though this was a hotel and each person has separate rooms, I felt a community vibe from the hotel from the minute I checked in. The staff was friendly and welcoming, one even recognized my post on their social media wall. It was an amazing time, not to mention, great food from their breakfast and the restaurant, but also, great people inside the hotel.

The Hat Logic - Gettin Jazzy at the Jaz in the City Hotel

Now I’m going to tell you about the room! As I said at the beginning of this post, I walked into paradise when I go the the Jaz Amsterdam. The rooms are spacious and huge, with amazing wood and nostalgic décor, with a colour scheme that runs through the entire hotel. As I said above and in the guide to Amsterdam, the beds are huge and luscious, but it felt like home to me. The headboard has a wood burning of a girl with musical headphones on that highlights the main point of the hotel: Jaz(z) in the City. The entire hotel was teeming with the music inspired flow and not to mention, they played great music everywhere you turned in the hotel. There’s a giant chaise and lounge area on the window sill where I would sit, grab a cup of tea and my laptop, and just work and chill. There were plenty of days when I got back to the room after a long day out and about, but I came back, sat on the window sill, and just watched the sun set. It was crazy how late the sun would go down (I talked about it in my vlog because it freaked me out so much), so even at 9pm (YES 9PM), I could watch the sunset over Amsterdam from the Jaz in the City. The shower is huge and the room just has a great vibe, just like the hotel and I can’t even begin to rave about this hotel. Everything in the hotel is shiny and new, but it still has a homey feel.

The Hat Logic - Gettin Jazzy at the Jaz in the City Hotel

Oh the calm. The calm of the city of Amsterdam was what I found at the Jaz Amsterdam. I was able to sit and relax after a long day out in the city, but I also had the option to go out and have fun at a moment’s notice, without having to go too far out of the city in order get around and have some fun. The Jaz in the City is an amazing hotel and I had such an amazing time at the hotel. The next time I’m in Amsterdam (aka next summer hopefully), I’m planning on staying here and trust me, these pictures, don’t even come close to doing the room justice! I definitely say check out the Jaz in the City, because you won’t regret it!

The Hat Logic - Gettin Jazzy at the Jaz in the City Hotel

*This stay was provided complimentary by Jaz in the City Hotel, but all of the opinions are mine and mine alone!*

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