Color in the Snow

I love a pop of color. I’m really not one to walk around in red, pink, fuschia, and green all at once, but I know that I love my style when I pair a little pop of color along with a consistent color, like white or black. Also, it snows, a lot in Paris. As someone born in California but living in Atlanta, I’m not used to this much snow. It’s a bit weird for me and when I got to France, let’s just say that I was NOT ready for the snow. I went out to Pull and Bear and bought this massive red puffer jacket and while it is very very bright, it is one of my favorite pieces this winter.Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow

Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow

In 2018, I told myself that I would buy more colorful clothes. I got really sick of just wearing black all day, and while yes, it is indeed my favorite color, I need to blend a little more color into my wardrobe. Red, especially bright red, is so far from my norm, but I want to make bold moves in 2018, so why not start with what I wear? When I wear this coat, I have to wear it with confidence. What’s the point of wearing a bright red massive puffer jacket if I’m not going to do it with power? To answer a rhetorical question: NONE. This jacket is a confidence booster and on days when I need a little boost, this little pop of color, it allows me to stand out a little more and get a little confidence to get me through the day.

Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow

In the snow, it’s very easy to stand out. If I’m wearing anything not white, you can see me through the snow, but if I’m wearing this jacket, you can see me a mile away. The day I took these photos with my friend Sandrine, I was not expecting it to snow, but it was well worth it! The snow was an amazing contrast to the red and plus, it was nice to be warm in outfit photos for once. Did I mention I eat when I’m cold?

Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow

Pull & Bear Red Puffer Jacket || ASOS Baker Boy Cap || Zara Sweater (Similar) || Zara Faux Leather Skirt (Similar) || & Other Stories Boots (Similar) || Urban Outfitters Tights

Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow

I always hear that you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. I don’t believe that that is necessarily true. If I want to wear a puffer jacket and boots instead of a thin coat and heels in the snow, I’m gonna do it because I think it looks good and ya girl is not about to get pneumonia in order to get that shot. I can look cute while still being comfortable and I love it, so I definitely recommend doing that!

Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow

A pop of color is a great way to swap into spring, but with a longer winter, sometimes you can find a way to blend those colors into your winter wardrobe. Yes, it’s snowing in these photos, but I’ve also worn this jacket many other times, whether in freezing cold weather or lukewarm weather. This coat is my little pop of color, so here’s to using a little more color in my winter to spring wardrobe. Jordan Taylor C - Color in the Snow


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