Bath for 6 Different Types of People

Okay, my love for Bath runs deep and I’m gonna keep going on and on about it. I only got to spend a few days n the city, but it’s absolutely breathtaking and in reality, a great break from the city! I did a lot of exploring during my time in Bath, so I thought it would be great to come up with a different type of guide than what I normally write! Each person is different, so it’s always nice to have something catered for ever person, so here’s a run down on what to do in Bath for 6 different types of people!

The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People

  1. The Foodie – Stall Street is definitely your best bet if you’re a foodie! Whether you’re up for a great burger or something from a street vendor, you will be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t fill your stomach! It’s a central part of the city and a lot of the stalls that you will find go off of this street and onto the attached ones. I had everything from a crêpe to a stir fry on this street, so go enjoy yourself! The stalls all close around 5-7pm, but they’re open most days! There’s plenty of food around Bath if you happen to miss the stalls, try heading to Smashburger for a really good shake and fries (get the rosemary ones, they’re jaw dropping)! The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People
  2. The Architecture Nerd – Bath Abbey is a sight to behold! You really can’t miss it as it’s one of the largest buildings in Bath and definitely a focal point of the city. The gothic architecture on the exterior is equally matched on the inside and it comes with a lot of history to boot! The stained glass was blown out during the World Wars, but carefully matched back into place afterwards, with the majority of the glass being the original pieces! The flying buttresses and high ceilings will take anyone’s breath away, but if you love architecture, this is the place to go. The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People
  3. The Adventurer or Fitness Guru – There’s always one of these people in every group, the one who wants to go exercise no matter if it’s a work trip or just for leisure. With all the food you’’ll be eating, you’ll want to do that, but make it enjoyable at least! My recommendation is Alexandra Park. It’s just outside of the main segment of Bath, but it is truly amazing. The park houses a cliff that overlooks the entirety of Bath, which really makes the hike up the mountain worth it! These views are renowned and recommended by visitors and locals, so take advantage and go up to it! You may feel the pain the next day, but you won’t regret it! If you want to go for a run, I logged one in Map My Run that takes you in a loop around the city and down by the river! It really puts into perspective jut how small the city of Bath is, but it’s a great run for the morning to beat all of the hustle and bustle of Bath. The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People
  4. The History Buff – The history buff in the group will love the Roman Baths. I couldn’t resist going to the Roman Baths after my trip because I spent so much time in Rome looking at the remains of Baths, but never getting a real idea of how they would have looked in antiquity! I died a bit because of how great it was, and the museum that was curated around the baths made it so great! The water from the hot springs still flows through this structure and into the old baths, so it’s easy to get an idea (especially with the use of the holograms) of what this may have looked like. I actually do recommend the audioguide for this location because you will learn a lot more than you think you will! I wasn’t expecting to come out knowing more information about the baths, but I learned that even though I didn’t use it for the entire time.The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People
  5. The Shopping Addict – The St. Lawrence St. Area is an area that you have to hit if you’re a shopper. You won’t be hard pressed to find just one store as this area is teeming with places to shop till you drop. From Topshop to River Island, you can find something for everyone’s taste, both men and women! I didn’t get a chance to shop, but I did pop my head into New Look and trust me, I didn’t regret it for one minute! There’s a lot of choices, so get your cards ready people!! The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People
  6. The Artsy One – Royal Victoria Gallery is the modern art gallery in Bath, which was dedicated to Queen Victoria. It’s an absolutely stunning place to visit because it’s much different from a lot of the art you will see in London or most art museums. The bottom floor is full of pieces that will blow your mind and really think about art as a whole! The upstairs gallery has these really great drawers where you can see original paintings and drawings a lot closer than you would be able to if they were placed in a frame on the wall. It’s a smaller gallery, so it’s not too hard to do the entire thing in an hour or two.

The Hat Logic - The Bath Experience for 6 Different Types of People

I really hope that you enjoyed this quick look into Bath and let me know in the comments below what type of person, you think you’d be or if any of these strikes a chord with you! If you’ve been to Bath, leave your suggestions down below as well as I’d love to read them!

This post was created in conjunction with Bath Tourism, who kindly provided a media pass to explore the city during my trip! I loved my time in Bath and these are my thoughts and ideas with no outside interference.


    • 18/08/2017 / 5:11 pm

      I’m the adventurer and that hike…well it definitely wore me out!

  1. 25/07/2017 / 8:08 am

    Such a great post babe!!! Im definitely all of them hahaha Do you think thats possible?
    Lately I been feeling very foodies and historic hahaha


    • 18/08/2017 / 5:11 pm

      Well I managed to do them all in 48 hours, so definitely possible! The city isn’t as big as it seems!

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