The Ultimate College Kitchen Checklist w/ Ebay

Hi everyone! Well I hate to say it, but it is officially back-to-college…I know, I’m not excited at all, just as you aren’t, but I’ve got your silver lining. As the back-to-college season comes back, it is a great time to redecorate, especially if you are moving into a new space just like me, so I’ve come to eBay to get things done!

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I’m finally getting to go into an apartment, which I’m sharing with 3 of my friends, but at the same time, I have to start from ground 0 to create an amazing space! I love using eBay as my back to college space because I can find everything I need in one space, but for amazing prices! There’s literally nothing that I can’t find on eBay through their Back to College space, whether I’m looking for a new plate set or a mini-fridge, so let’s talk about what this post is all about! I know when I was first going to college, I had a lot of trouble figuring out what I needed to bring and needed to leave at my parents’ house. After 2 years, I’ve managed to come up with the essentials, or things that you need to bring with you that you can’t really live without! I’ve partnered with eBay for this upcoming year to show you all just how I’ve bought some amazing new bits for my apartment and the essentials that every college kid needs for their kitchen this year! Let’s kick this off!

The Hat Logic, college kitchen checklist, college checklist, ebay, the ultimate college checklist, her campus, jordan chapman, the hat logic, atlanta blogger, black blogger

  • The Mini Fridge – My go-to mini fridge is one that has a freezer and fridge segment, just like this Two-Door Magic Chef Mini Fridge in silver! They are perfect for a dorm setting if your apartment does not come with a fridge, so just pick one up!
  • Blender – I’m doing my bit to be healthier this year, so I need something to make my life a little easier, especially when I make fruit smoothies or a detox soup this year, so the white Oster Classic Series blender is going to be an essential for me!
  • Pans/Wok/Pots – Pots and pans are an essential if you’re a cook like me, a good pan will come in handy. I’ve gotten into using a wok because I see how great they can be, so I picked up this black wok from Ecolution to help make all of my bits for the week.
  • Coffee Machine – You’re in college….you’re going to drink coffee or you’ll meet someone who does. I personally prefer a French Press to a Keurig, so here’s the Bodum 4 cup French Press that I picked up this year!
  • Knives Set – Now that you’ve got your own apartment, you need a set of knives. The Sunbeam Westmont 13 Piece Cutlery Set is perfect because it has every knife that you think you may need, plus a pair of kitchen scissors.
  • Tupperware – You’re in college. Don’t ask questions, just buy the Tupperware.
  • Cutting Boards – With the new knives set, I’ve got to have cutting boards, so bamboo ones like the Estilo Bamboo 3 Piece Set are perfect for a college student, but will withstand the lengths of time!
  • Electric Kettle – The Brentwood 1.2 Liter Electric Kettle has been my ride or die when I want tea or coffee, but I’m too lazy to go to my dorm kitchen. Now, I still use it, but it’s just making my life a little easier!
  • Slow Cooker – I picked up this Crock-Pot 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker so I could make all of my Pinterest recipes a reality. I’m so excited to use it and did I mention it comes with a pretty design too?
  • Measuring Cups/Spoons – It’s weird, but I actually did manage to use measuring cups/spoons even when you wouldn’t think I would need them. It’s necessary, so make sure to pick some up!
  • Plates/Bowls – As a college student, your plates and bowls are your bread and butter. When you need a bowl of yogurt in the morning or a plate for a late night pizza, grab a nice set of plastic or ceramic ones that you can use on a daily!
  • Travel Mug – If you’re a coffee drinker like me, grab a travel mug! They really make a difference when you’re trying to grab your coffee on the go in the morning!
  • Eating Utensils – Spoons, Knives, Forks, Pizza Slicer (yes, when Pizza Hut forgets to slice your pizza, you will be happy that you got one), etc. Just pick up a 30 set, and you’ll be fine!
  • Water Bottle – I can’t live without my water bottle, especially my Swell bottle! It keeps me hydrated all semester, so be sure to pick one up for the year!
  • Ice Cube Tray – When I get up in the morning, I always grab a bit of ice and pop it in my water bottle. Arctic Chill makes some good ones, so just grab one of the silicone molds and enjoy ice cold water!
  • Dishrack – If you’re not in the mood to towel dry, at least get a dish rack to dry everything!
  • Dish Towels/Sponges – Dish towels are an essential more than you would even think, so just head to the store and pick up some dish towels and sponges. You’ll want to keep your Tupperware clean because that comes in handy as well!
  • Colander – If you cook as much as I do, you’ll need a colander in order to drain veggies, lettuce, or pasta one of these days!
  • Trash Can – People, especially college students create trash…so why not pick up a simple Rubbermaid 2-in-1 trashcan to place in your kitchen?
  • Cups – Okay cups? I don’t know how you’ll survive without cups, so be sure to pick up cups at the store!
  • Water Purifier – I’ve used the same Brita Water Pitcher for the past 2 years and it hasn’t failed me yet!

The Hat Logic, college kitchen checklist, college checklist, ebay, the ultimate college checklist, her campus, jordan chapman, the hat logic, atlanta blogger, black blogger

Now, this list is not the end all, be all of kitchen essentials, but in reality, it is a great starting point. eBay has created a separate list where you can find more essentials that aren’t on my list! They’re a fantastic resource for all things back to college and in my experience, there’s not really a better place to shop! There are over 1.1 billion listings at any given time, and almost 87% of all listings are Buy It Now, which is what I’ve been using all summer to prep for my new apartment! There’s free shipping on about 68% of eBay products, which are all perfect circumstances that can help you make your place into a home. If you’re like me and you don’t really have money or time to waste, eBay is the place to go for all of your back to college needs whether you’re going for the basics or specialized pieces and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Hat Logic, college kitchen checklist, college checklist, ebay, the ultimate college checklist, her campus, jordan chapman, the hat logic, atlanta blogger, black blogger

Thank you to eBay and Her Campus for partnering with me on this post! All opinions are mine and mine alone and I am happy to have created this content!


  1. Sillysoul
    09/08/2017 / 10:55 am

    heads up! As someone who had their first rodeo in apartment living this Summer I also strongly recommend bringing your own cleaning supplies and toilet paper from day one. The former because you never know how deep the clean the last resident did before leaving, the later because there will be no toilet paper waiting for you in the apartment when you move in. This makes sense when you say it out loud but it totally slipped my mind when I moved in. :p

    • 18/08/2017 / 5:52 pm

      I’m really excited to move in and my roommates and I have just made that final list for a big shopping trip and those are DEFINITELY on the list!! Thanks for the suggestions!!

  2. 09/08/2017 / 12:55 pm

    That’s awesome that you are moving to an apartment! When you can, you should definitely do a bit of an apartment tour post if possible! I would love to see how you decorated and such. When you said you are in your own apartment and you need knives, the first thing that came to mind was because it can also double as a weapon besides being used for cooking. Hahaha but you probably don’t need to worry about that as much because you aren’t living alone, but with roommates. Omg I definitely need to start using my slow-cooker more often. I see all these easy slow-cooker recipes on pinterest, and I still haven’t tried them out yet. Definitely need to put those recipes to test this coming year!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • 18/08/2017 / 5:55 pm

      I’m definitely planning one! I got a shelf thing that I can’t wait to use in my new shooting background for this year! I hope it turns out right in reality as it does in my head!! That’s a good thing to remember, didn’t even think about the knives like that haha, but it’s so true! Protection really is necessary, even with roomies! I started using one this summer and fell in love with ine!!

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