A Quick Pitstop at the Tune Hotel Paddington

In London, you have a wide range of hotels, from the 5 star luxury hotel suites to the cramped hostel that doesn’t have stars and seems kind of sketchy. Then there’s the Tune Hotels. Right up the middle of that range, but still good and for the young traveller on a cost range. London is one of my favourite cities in the world, most people know that by now, and the Tune Paddington was right in the middle of the city. Paddington is one of the many neighbourhoods that makes up London and the Tune Paddington was a great way to start off my trip.Padd-Exterior-1

A Quick Pitstop at the Tune Hotel Paddington - The Hat Logic

I have never been to a pay-for-what-you-want hotel. I don’t know why they aren’t a thing around the world, but for someone like me who would be on a limited college-kid budget, I have no clue why I have never tried one of these before. The Tune Hotel in Paddington, and in fact, all of the Tune Hotels, are just like that, pay-for-what-you-want. The low-cost rooms are great for people my age because they aren’t too frivolous and outlandish, which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for when I look for a hotel room. When I travel, I’m not one to spend loads of time in the room doing things I would do at home and honestly, the Tune Hotel was perfect for that. In a hotel like this, I wouldn’t have to pay for the TV if I knew I wasn’t going to use it for very long, I would only pay for the WiFi if I really needed it, or some of the other amenities that the hotel offers The pay-for-what-you-want allows you to customize your stay the way you want it, while letting the hotel keep their rates low for everyone!A Quick Pitstop at the Tune Hotel Paddington - The Hat LogicA Quick Pitstop at the Tune Hotel Paddington - The Hat Logic

For the student, business traveller, or other person just in need of a quick place to stay in central London, the Tune Hotel is the perfect place for you! You can get what you need for the price you like and nothing more, plus you get to stay in central London for the fraction of the price of a normal room! A room like this, even on AirBnB, would go double the price, but at the Tune Hotel, you can get it for much, much cheaper.

A Quick Pitstop at the Tune Hotel Paddington - The Hat Logic

A typical night’s stay at the Tune Hotel in Paddington will begin at around £54 per night with various add-ons including late checkout, bag storage, hairdryers, and wireless adding more to the price. The stay can be customized to your needs, so the price per night fluctuates with the add-ons. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


*Although my stay at the Tune Hotel in Paddington was complimentary, all of the opnions in this post are mine, and mine alone!*


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