The Best Toiletry Essential w/ Steripod

In just a few weeks, I’m headed off to Paris for six months. I’m more than excited because I get to explore one of my favorite cities in the entire world for such a long time and study somewhere else. As I prep for this extended time away from home, I’ve been getting all of my bits ready and packing toiletries has become my latest task. One thing that came into my hands a few months ago were Steripods, the toothbrush and razor covers specifically! Since I began using them, they’re my favorite things that have used 24/7 since I first got one! 

The Hat Logic - The Best Toiletry Essential w/ Steripod

You know those travel essentials that once you start using, you never want to give them up? Well, that is Steripod! I started using them last year in about March because dorms are freaking nasty and I wanted to test them out, but once I went to Rome, I learned the true value of these little additions. Steripods were developed by doctors and dentists using thymol in order to give you the safest environment for your toothbrush and razors as possible.

The Hat Logic - The Best Toiletry Essential w/ Steripod

If you travel or are in college just like me, then you take your toothbrush a lot of places, which means that it’s exposed to a lot of bacteria….I’m sorry to break it to you. Steripods are a great way to nix the access to bacteria that your toothbrush has. Thymol releases vapors that help protect your toothbrush as it dries, because it allows the air to circulate through the brush and dry it naturally. As the brush dries, the risk of bacteria that can hurt your mouth decreases as well, so having Steripods as a protective layer between your toothbrush & razor and the atmosphere is a welcome gift! Oh did I mention that they come in a bunch of different colors and can fit into your pocket?! Win-win situation everyone!

Okay, how on Earth do these help me prep for LFW? Well, when it comes down to it, protecting my teeth is one of the most important things I can do. Steripods help me keep my toothbrush safe for use for about 3 months, which gets me through moving in to college, Fashion Week, and back ultimately! I love my work, but it does require me having teeth that are beautiful at all times, not that I mind. With good teeth, I can make sure that I can eat all of the food in Paris that I want, which trust me, I will! Good teeth are a must-have no matter what life or career you follow, so why not give your teeth the best chance possible to survive?

The Hat Logic - The Best Toiletry Essential w/ Steripod

If you’re interested in picking up a Steripod clip and trying them out for yourself, head over to Amazon here and with this link, you will be able to get 20% off of your Steripod purchase today!! I’ve just got my new ones that will last me the rest of the year, so why don’t you too?! Now for the fun part! If you head over to my Instagram, I’m beginning a giveaway in order to give you a YEAR’S supply of Steripods for your razor and toothbrush, a $25 Sephora Gift Card, and a super cute holographic toiletry bag! I’m giving this all to one winner so if you want to know all of the details, head to Instagram and you’ll be able to enter! This will end on next Friday at 11:59pm and I’ll be DM’ing one random winner!

Special thanks to Steripod and Her Campus for sponsoring this blog post! I loved using Steripods, and all opinions provided are my own honest, true opinions!

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