The Apartment of Dreams with SACO Apartments

Okay, by now, my interior design style is pretty clear. Lots of minimalism, whites, silver, open space, lots of natural light, and the list goes on and on. Some people also know that my desire to move to London. One of the main reasons that I want to move is because I get the home feeling in London that I don’t get anywhere else in the world, even in Atlanta. I really only get that feeling in London, but I wanted to check out what it would be like to stay in a flat in London, just to make sure that it wasn’t the grandeur of the city that overwhelmed me. That, ladies and gentlemen, is where the fabulous people from SACO Apartments came in.

The Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO ApartmentsThe Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO Apartments

I probably sound like I say this a lot, but when I walked in, I fell in love and it felt at home. I even did a Snapchat tour of the flat, which doesn’t happen often. I never thought that I would find a place that makes me feel at home, but I’m not living there forever, which was great. It let me taste what it would really be like to live in London (in an area that I probably could never afford on my own, especially right after I graduate college), while also reaffirming, that my taste in housing isn’t entirely crazy and that I can live on my own for a little while. At the SACO Apartments, I didn’t feel like a guest per-se, I felt like someone who was renting the apartment they would now call home. I cooked, did the dishes, washed my clothes, did some work for the blog, and just lived life on my own. I even had a night in where I worked, watched Orange is the New Black, and even went to bed early. It felt like a place that I could call home and it was great to take some time off.The Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO ApartmentsThe Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO Apartments

I was fortunate enough to stay into the apartments off of Gloucester Place, which are in an amazing location in proximity to everywhere in the city. One of the days that I stayed with SACO, I walked all the way to Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, which is about two miles away. It isn’t easy to find a flat or a hotel room where you feel at home, but SACO Apartments did just that. From the moment I got the keys in my hand until I put them back in the key return box, I truly felt at peace and at home while I was a guest at the SACO Apartments.The Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO Apartments

Okay now, let me tell you about the apartment itself. So as many of you know or can know if you look up Gloucester Place on Google, it is all about the natural light and the white space. The interior of the apartment was no exception to that rule. I felt like I was in the apartment of some interior design blogger who loves white space just as much as I do. Everything I would need for the stay, outside of food that I could easily buy up the street at Sainsbury’s or Tesco Express, was already in the apartment at the ready for me. There was a washer/dryer in one (which was new for me in so many ways and I had never seen one before so I freaked out and was on Cloud 9 when I used it).  The natural light hit off of the white in every way until the sun went down and the kitchen was amazing. The entire space was perfectly laid out in a layout that made the most of the space that was present. London, like many places, is a city that is always short on space, so I loved how SACO made the most of the limited amounts of space that was present. Everything from the kitchen to the bathroom was cohesive and blended together in every way. Being right on the center of a busy street means lots of noise at all hours of the day, but after the first night, I didn’t even notice the noise!The Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO Apartments

Living life on the go between school, home, and blogging can be difficult because sometimes you don’t know what qualifies as home and what qualifies as work. While I may have been visiting the SACO Apartments as work, it felt like I was truly home, even if it only was for two days. I don’t know why I’ve never rented a flat or studio apartment when I go to new places, but this has really shown me why apartment rentals are so popular. Plus, SACO has hundreds of locations across hundreds of cities, so who knows, when I get to my next fun destination, I may just stay at another SACO property. They’ve just opened a new aparthotel called The Cannon, which looks fantastic and  just as spectacular as the apartment I stayed at, but designed to promote community more than the apartment!  Two days in the apartment was all that I needed in order to reaffirm that I wanted to live in this beautiful city, and I can only attribute that to SACO and the fantastic hospitality that I got from them even from day one.

The Hat Logic - The Apartment of Dreams with SACO ApartmentsApartments at SACO Apartments in Maryleborne begin at £186 per night with included wifi and breakfast. The one bedroom apartment where I was housed begins at £211.20 per night and there are also many other options in London for various prices per night. 

*Although my stay at the SACO Apartments was complimentary for my two nights, all of the opinions that you see in the review above are mine and mine alone. *



  1. Liz Connor
    24/10/2016 / 10:50 pm

    The SACO looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. Would love to check it out when I go to London

    • 27/10/2016 / 1:57 pm

      You should DEFINITELY give them a look! It’s my go to every time I’m in London!! 🙂 x

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