College Prepping w/ Her Campus

College Prepping w/ Her Campus

Calling all high-school seniors or college/university students!!! Its finally time that people give us a heads up on what’s good and new for this next school year, and as someone who’s going into higher level education next year, I know that reading this book will help me a TON!!!!

College Prepping w/ Her Campus

College Prepping w/ Her Campus

   Book – Her Campus 

I read a lot, reading is just a pastime that I love. So reading things that will help me later on in life is a plus. I’ve been in the Her Campus blogger network for a while now and I love working with them!!! They’re really helpful and their articles are actually quite funny. This book is designed for high school seniors-college students and the book is a goldmine. It has dating advice, how to study for exams, roommate tips to make you the best freakin’ roomie that the college circuit has seen, packing lists, exercise tips, and so so much more. I’ve shown the book to my parents and college friends and they have all said that they wish they had this. I’m on the first 2 chapters and along with making me laugh a bit, I’m also getting vital information about how to stay safe. College safety is a good thing to know about since date rape, party safety, and just general safety is something that is a big deal for college kids today. There’s a million questions going around my head right now, and I’m sure there are a million going around other college students’ also! So I definitely recommend buying the book and keeping it for yourself or as a gift for college kids you know, they will greatly appreciate the help!! x

*This book was given to me by Her Campus to review and even though it was provided, the views described and opinions given are mine and mine alone.*



  1. 13/04/2015 / 9:11 pm

    What a good review and oh how I remember my college days so long ago very well too!

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